Prepare for a Gothic reimagining of the operatic Casanova in a production that showcases some of opera’s rising talent.


January 6th, 2023. Rachel Fieldhouse

From the first spine-tingling chord the orchestra plays beneath a stage covered in skulls and shrouded in shadow, Don Giovanni at the Sydney Opera House promises a thrilling take on the iconic opera.

Ukrainian baritone Andrei Kymach shines as the suave Don Giovanni, highlighting the anti-hero’s enjoyment of his lifestyle and his unrepentant nature and showing off his velvety tone.

Kymach is joined in his Australian debut by French-Israeli bass-baritone Yuri Kissin as Leporello, who brings a slice of comedic light to an otherwise dark and grim production. Acting as the “conscience” of his machiavellian and unrepenting master, Kissin does this all while delivering a rich tone and perfectly executing Mozart’s rapid passages.